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Our Price match promise

Here at A Daley’s our prices are guaranteed to be the most competitive out there and if you can find a lower price we will price match it for you. With our price match promise we match all watch prices we sell against other watch retailers. Here’s all you need to know about how to get the best price

  •  Drop us an email at / Or just call us on 0113 225 6103 
  • Tell us the watch product code for price matching
  •  State the price and where you spotted the watch 
  • Now let A Daley’s  do their part
  • Make sure you’ve got a link to it to hand. The whole thing should only take a few minutes and you’ll save some money to once we’ve confirmed the price of the product

What if I’ve already bought a watch from us

 Should the price of your watch be discounted on our site within 5 working days from delivery to you then let us know and we’ll happily refund the difference.  Black Friday shopping, this offer is still valid. If our prices drop during the Black Friday period, we’ll still match it and refund you the difference

The important bits

  • Price matching is only against the total cost of our competitor’s, so please keep this in mind before you contact us
  • Our price match promise is only for UK websites and retailers within the UK
  • All price match promise watches on competitor’s websites must be the same product as the one on our site
  • The watch must be in stock with  both the competitor and A Daley’s and also available for delivery within 5 days
  • We don’t price match against AO Business or other trade sites
  • If you’re using a finance plan then we are not able to price match Unfortunately
  • Terms and conditions apply

All watches in stock and available with our free delivery or Express delivery. A Daley’s watches is one of the most popular watch website

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Why watches make the best Christmas gifts

A watch ready as a Christmas gift

Figuring out what to buy your nearest and dearest this festive season is about to get a whole lot easier because we’re going to show you why watches make the best Christmas gifts! There are so many great reasons to choose a wristwatch as a present, so let’s dive in and prove it with our handy guide.

A watch is for life, not just for Christmas!

In today’s throwaway society, it’s comforting to know that gifting someone you love a good quality watch will give them years of great service, and remind them of you every time they look at it. One of the reasons watches make the best Christmas gifts is that they’re personal, thoughtful and practical… as well as being beautifully styled and crafted!

Give a wristwatch this Christmas and you know the recipient will have a present that’s going to outlast any novelty plastic gift and probably most expensive electronic devices.

Who would love a watch this Christmas?

Well, we could just as well say, “who wouldn’t love a watch this Christmas?” because they really are the idea gift for everyone. As more young people rely on their smartphones for timekeeping, it’s a lovely unexpected gift that’ll remind them that watches are cool, practical and brilliant accessories that are built to last – unlike that smartphone! You always remember your first watch, and if it’s a personal gift it carries more sentimental value and might ignite a life-long love of wristwatches.

Buying a top quality watch for your partner is both a thoughtful and useful gift – and you can even have it engraved for a really personal touch. It’s far more practical than jewellery, but can easily be as beautiful, even if you don’t have a fortune to spend because we cater for all budgets in our online store.

Choosing the right watch

In a previous blog, we offered our advice for choosing a watch, but as a gift you may have to be a little more imaginative. Think about the recipient and how they live their life – there’s no point buying a sporty loved one a delicate dress watch, or your granny a massive Rolex! Think about their personal clothing style, favourite designers and general attitude to life before purchasing. If you get this part correct, it’ll show that you know the person well and will add even more significance to the gift.

We hope that we’ve convinced you that watches make the best Christmas gifts, and you’re ready to line up the perfect Christmas for your loved ones!

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How to choose the right watch for you

Selection of watch styles to choose from

Your choice of wristwatch says a lot about you, so why leave it to chance. Our quick guide on how to choose the right watch will demystify this most personal of purchases

From size and style to functionality and price, we’ll help you to find the perfect timepiece for your requirement

Choosing the right style watch

Ultimately, your choice of watch style is the most important decision when buying because that’s what you – and other people – will focus on. We’ll always recommend choosing a classy analogue or chronograph watch for a timeless (pardon the pun) look, but which is more suitable for you?

If you’re the kind of person who’s very active and wears their watch for sports and fitness, a good quality chronograph face with a stainless steel strap is perfect

If, on the other hand, you don’t like to wear your watch while you exercise, you might prefer something a little more understated and simple – a plain-faced analogue with a comfortable leather strap, perhaps

Are you looking for a one watch solution, or are you prepared to invest in a dress watch and an everyday watch? If one watch is enough we generally find that a mid-sized piece in silver fits the bill because it goes pretty well with everything, but if you want a dress watch too, you’re better off with a simple, classic design and a strap that colour-coordinates with your shoes.

Watch size matters

Choosing the correct size is just as important as finding the watch style that you’re looking for, because a watch that’s too big or too small for your wrist will never look right – and the key thing to consider here is balance

We’re hardwired to instinctively know when something is out of balance, so don’t buy a huge watch if you have small and slender wrists, and don’t invest in a dainty timepiece if you have wrists like body-builder! Consider face width, thickness and strap width when purchasing, because they all contribute to the overall size and balance of the watch.

Fortunately, we only sell beautifully designed watches at A Daley’s, so our online store is a great place to start your search!

Figuring out how to choose the right watch for your wrist isn’t difficult if you follow these simple tips, but if you’re still struggling, drop us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll happily give you our expert advice

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Black Friday Spotting Deals

black friday spotting deals our tips

With Black Friday Deals, cyber Monday and many sales coming up. Now is the perfect time to grab a bargain ready for the holiday season. These are our tips on how to get the best deals and not be tricked into thinking you getting a god deal when you’re not

First and foremost 

Getting things you want or need. Buying a watch for yourself or as a gifts in the sales is a perfect way to get more for your money. Make a list of items you would like to get before you have even gone on the website or to the store. This list is what you should stick to while you are browsing. Remember! Buying things because they are cheap is false economy and you will get stuff you don’t need or will never use


Once you have found what you want, check the price of the item at other places to make sure that the deal you are getting is real. If looking online this will be very simple buy using a search engine to see what other shops are selling it for. This will tell you if what you have seen is a deal or not


Items with higher ticket prices are great to buy in sales because the money coming off the is usually more significant. If they are doing 10% off this increases the higher the price. Look at the deal look at what the original price of the item was and what has come off if they are taking £3 of £100 that is not a deal

Last but not least

Looking at the Designer watch brands name. Is this a brand you trust have heard about them? Don’t be fooled buy brands, look for brands that you know make good quality versions of what you are looking for

If you are looking for a genuine sale this black Friday and want to get the best deals you can check out A Daley’s the best place online for watches. Here you will get competitive prices, free delivery and for black Friday 10% off selected watches by using our code blackfri18. Offer ends 30 November 2018


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Best Teenage Boys Watches

Best teenage boys watches in 2018

Today I’m talking about best affordable teenage Boys watches. With all the different watch brand names available it is understandably difficult to choose the right watch. So, A Daley’s have decided to talk about some of the coolest and best value watches out there. Whether you like the minimalist look, big and sporty or just a classic watch, A Daley’s can recommend something for every teenage boy

When it comes to buying the watch  I’d recommend looking at the more stylish designer watch end of the market to start with I would look at brands like Armani, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Burberrys and Daniel Wellington all come top of the designer watch timepieces at this moment in time. because most mid-range designer teenage boys watches offer value for money. So, we’ve listed some of the best option within a price range to highlight that they are affordable watches out their

  • Armani
  • Diesel
  • Hugo Boss
  • Burberry
  • Daniel Wellington

When it comes to considering the best teenagers boys watch you want to look for a very stylish looking designer watch with an instantly recognisable brand. Also take into account how the timepiece is going to be treated. Can you trust yourself or a teenager to look after the watch. If, However you know it could get a little damaged then look towards the budget end or something marked affordable. Maybe a brand thats hard-wearing or a sporty watch

Our choice for best teenage boys watch

Currently the brand Daniel Wellington come up top in most of today’s surveys. As they one of the hottest watch brands around for teenage boys right now, both for movement and look’s. I’ve often been very impressed with the brand quality and pricing offering a fantastic value watch at a sensible budget. Their watches should definitely be checked out. They are creating beautifully designed timepieces that are extremely popular amount teens and young adults

The range come with model that feature NATO style strap, and also cover a selection with leather straps or bracelet that are equally as popular. The big benefit of the Daniel Wellington watch brand is how easily you can interchange straps allowing you to quickly change the style. The watches are perfect if you’re looking for a smart watch for a teenager or something stylish. Daniel Wellington and is one of the most sought-after watch brands by teenagers looking for a designer watch. This brand also has great designs for girls that are sleek and stylish

I hope you enjoyed reading this best watches for a teenage boy. With any luck, you’ll find it slightly easier to choose the right watch or gift. Let me know what you thought about these most recommended best  teenage boys watches in 2018  in the comment section below

Try out range of brands and find the perfect gift by- Armani, Burberry’s, Daniel Wellington, Tissot, Hugo Boss and TAG-Heuer all at great prices and free delivery





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Where to start when buying a watch as a gift

Where to start when buying a watch as a gift

Here are our best tip on where to start when buying a watch as a gift

There is more to buying a gift then meets the eye so whether you are considering a present for yourself, a friend or someone in the family, purchasing one of our stunning timepieces will guarantee to make you smile. At A Daley’s we have a stunning wide range of watches by some of the best designers in the industry

Things to think about

Firstly buying something that has the classic look is always a good choice, but for the more stylish or sporty person, you can buy various different sporty looking peaces that are perfect for those who love their sport or just like the sporty look. Try find out whether the recipient is a watch lover who would be adding to their collection, or maybe you just want to treat someone to a watch that they will treasure for a lifetime, or complete the perfect outfit, a designer timepiece is always a great addition

An elegant designer watch is a present that can be worn for many years and there are a lot of ways that people can ensure that the pieces stand the test of time

A Daley’s watches have put together some ideas on how to buy the perfect gift

To start with what style do they like?

  • Classic
  • Trendy
  • Sporty
  • Edgy
  • Bold
  • Sleek and simple

Once you have decided what style they like

Next think about the features they would like from a watch

  • Chronographs on the dial
  • Leather strap vs bracelet
  • gold or silver
  • Size of watch

Also take into account their lifestyle

  • do they work in a corporate job
  • or are they more casual

One of the most important factors is have you a budget in mind? This is crucial when getting any gift and you should filter your search buy price

Think about there personality and choose something that fits it with that. All of these things are making sure you get a watch that they will love

Here are some of out best picks. That would be great as a gift

Classic style –

Mens Boss Silver Blue Watch with Chronograph Dial

Ladies Classic Hugo Boss Watch with Leather Strap, Silver Brown

Sporty style –

Mens Stylish Boss Watch with Rubber Strap

Ladies Michael Kors Unisex Silver Watch, Blue Dial

Dramatic edgy –

Mens Diesel Mr Daddy Watch, Gold Case Black Leather Strap

Ladies Michael Kors Gold Watch, Leather Strap Chronographs


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. With any luck, you’ll find it slightly easier to choose the right watch or gift. Let me know what you thought about these most recommended best  teenage boys watches in 2018  in the comment section below

Try out range of brands and find the perfect gift by- Armani, Burberry’s, Tissot, Hugo Boss and TAG-Heuer

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Water Resistant Watch care – read our tips

Read our tips on Water Resistant Watch care

Checking the manufacturer’s instructions booklet on water resistant watch care

 water-resistant watch

  1. If your water-resistant watch is exposed to sea water, the watch should be washed in fresh water and dry with a soft cloth
  2. Never pull your watch winder out whilst the watch is still wet, in water or under water
  3. Should your watch have damage to it then the watch will no longer be water-resistant and although most watches to a degree are shock resistant, try an avoid shock or impact

Non Water-resistant watches 

  1. To avoid damage check your water-resistance manufacturer’s instructions book and strictly follow the guidelines supplied
  2. If any water or condensation appear in your watch face, get it checked out by a specialist watch agent
  3. Never leave the watch in extreme temperatures as this can cause complications. Generally heat shorten the battery life and cold may cause your watch to stop, lose or gain time
  4. Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents and gases, which may cause discolouration, deterioration and damage to your watch
  5. Although most watches are, to a degree, shock resistant, do avoid extreme shock or impact to your watch
  6. Watches, and there straps are best cleaned using a soft cloth

caring for your new watch

  1. Have the batteries and the seal checked or changed by the manufacturer or an approved agent when needed
  2. By not complying with the manufacturer’s watches guarantee the watch may not be water-resistant anymore
  3. Always check with the manufacturer’s instruction booklet for watch care and servicing guidelines

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Welcome to A Daley’s Watches

Where to start when buying a watch as a gift

Welcome to A Daley’s Watches the No.1 online retailer of designer watches and best place to buy your new designer watch online. With great prices, free delivery and all the information you needs to help you choose the watch that suit you best.

Designer brands

As an official stockist of all watch brands, we offer watches for men, ladies and children from famous watch brands

With are fabulous range and models like:-

  • Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss
  • Diesel, Michael Kors
  • Daniel Wellington, Burberry’s
  • Tag-Heuer, Tissot and many more

All in stock and available with our free delivery or Express delivery. A Daley’s watches is one of the most popular watch website